What are the installation standards for aluminum alloy doors and windows?

Aluminum profile is an important material for household doors and windows. Because most people have different requirements for aluminum alloy doors and windows, many household aluminum alloy doors and windows are customized to achieve. Among the materials of aluminum doors and windows, the main feature of the material connected to the wall is that the surface where it is connected to the wall is mostly flat, and it is fixed on the wall and cannot be moved. So, what is the manufacturing process of aluminum doors and windows? The following is a simple analysis.

Process steps in the production process of aluminum doors and windows:

1. Material cut

Cutting, also known as cutting, is a relatively advanced process when making aluminum alloy doors and windows, and it is also a very critical process. The material cutting is mainly through the use of different cutting technology and equipment. The length of the material should be determined according to the requirements of the teaching design development and with reference to the construction sample drawings of the door and window engineering. It is required to ensure the cutting accuracy, otherwise the safe use of the doors and windows is difficult to be guaranteed. Generally speaking, the cut material of sliding doors and windows is more suitable for right-angle cutting; while for casement doors and windows, 45 is suitable.

2. Drilling

The frame and fan of aluminum alloy doors and windows are usually connected by screws, so whether it is the assembly of horizontal or vertical rods or the fixing of accessories, it is necessary to drill holes in the corresponding position. When drilling the profile, you can use a small bench drill or an electric drill. The former has a workbench, which can effectively ensure the position of the drilling preparation, and the latter is easier to operate.

Before drilling, the elastic line should be positioned on the profile according to the assembly technical requirements. The information of the drilling position is required to be accurate. The appropriate hole diameter should be selected. It is not possible to repeatedly change the drilling on the profile surface, because once the hole is formed, it is very difficult to repair Up.

3. Assembly

The profiles are screwed and assembled according to the requirements of the construction sample drawings. The assembly method of aluminum alloy doors and windows should be based on 45 degree angle butt, right angle butt and vertical butt. Use screws, bolts or aluminum pull nails to fix, the rest are package protection.