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A folding door is a type of door which opens by folding back in sections or so-called panels. Folding doors are also known as ‘bi-fold doors', in spite of them most often having more than two panels. Another term is ‘concertina’ doors, inspired by the musical instrument of the same name.
Extend your living space with bifold patio doors from Pella. Large door panels fold away neatly while a passage panel let you pass through your bifold patio door without opening the entire space. A small bifold door can even serve as a pass-through window.
These clever bi-folding doors take up less space than swing doors, they're also flexible and great for creating storage areas. You can use folding doors to create new areas within your home, like wardrobes, ensuites, playrooms or a home office.
The Pantry Glass Bi-Fold Door features opaque glass with a classic culinary design in the glass. This Bi-Fold door provides semi-privacy while allowing light to filter through. The decorative doors are designed for easy installation and come with hardware and detailed instructions. Glass piece is filmed in plastic for ease in finishing.
Folding Glass Walls, or Bi-Fold Doors, are a great way to bring the outside in, but opening a wide span also allows entry for pesky insects. DEJIwindows offers a wide variety of screen types that perfectly integrate with your Bi-Fold Doors.
The newest addition to our portfolio is the aluminium folding doors. These cutting-edge bi-folding sliding doors are developed from aluminium and rapidly emerging as a preferred choice for discerning homeowners and construction companies.
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